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this reminds me of someone. [Monday
June 12th, 2006
ending friendships is always sad. but its probably for the best.


Blame it on the weather, but I'm a mess
And this February darkness has me hating everyone
And I know I need your comfort, but this drama makes me sick
And the longer I lay here I know it's harder to get up
without you

Lose another day here
Lose another year here
I'm with you

Find me something out there that's making sense
And it's just another trend carefully hidden in your dress
And the cycles neverending and the fashions overdone
And the further that I run away, the further I'll come back
to shelter...


You are the fire on my apartment floor
Sixteen stories, I'd rather burn than fall
It isn't fate that took us all by storm
It's just the turn of a card


You are the fire on my apartment floor
Sixteen stories, I'd rather burn than fall
It isn't fate that took us all by storm,
It's just the turn of a card

Goodbye, old friend
Goodbye, goodnight
I'll move on
You'll call it fate, I'll call it karma
We had our time, it was fun
while it lasted

I'll look back with honor
and no regrets

I won't be mad, won't feel bad
These memories will never leave me
Don't be sad

cause life goes on, life goes on
It's getting too late
Tomorrow is here
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May 10th, 2006
fuck you.
im glad this is over. now i dont have to talk to ANYONE from arizona. and my life will be great
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-.FRiEnDs OnLy.- .comment & i'll add you. [Monday
May 23rd, 2005


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May 10th, 2005

when i fall asleep, your face is all i see


its just the littlest things you do that break my heart into pieces..


theres not anything that feels worse than the feeling that you weren't good enough for the person that meant everything to you...

<3It took me a long time
To figure you out
But misery and pain
Ain’t what loves all about


I miss you and I dont
wanna go to sleep because Im
sick of seeing you every night in my dreams.


sometimes goodbyes really are forever


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awesome [Tuesday
July 27th, 2004
[ mood | angry ]

must be your skin that i'm sinking in
must be for real cuz now i can feel
and i didn't mind
it's not my kind
not my time to wonder why
everything's gone white
and everything's grey

now you're here now you're away
i don't want this
remember that
i'll never forget where you're at
don't let the days go by

i'm never alone
i'm alone all the time

are you at one
or do you lie
we live in a wheel
where everyone steals
but when we rise it's like strawberry fields
if i treated you bad
you bruise my face

couldn't love you more
you got a beautiful taste
don't let the days go by
could have been easier on you
i couldn't change though i wanted to
could have been easier by three
our old friend fear and you and me
glycerine (repeat)
don't let the days go by
i needed you more
when we wanted us less
i could not kiss just regress
it might just be
clear simple and plain
that's just fine
that's just one of my names
don't let the days go by
could've been easier on you

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yea [Thursday
May 6th, 2004

my space..... user kelly4641@hotmail.com

go be my friends please :)
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